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Company Background



Georgia and Emmanuel Papadomanolakis establish the company with headquarters in Sternes, Akrotiri, and with scope of activity the production and trade in olive oil.


The management of the Company is transferred to Nikolaos Papadomannakis.

The mechanical equipment is modernised for the first time. The production process is reformed by replacing presses with a centrifugal DECANTER.




The Papadomanolakis family purchases additional olive groves and the production/trade of olive oil increases.


Second modernisation of the production process – The building facilities are extended. Olive oil is now stored in stainless steel tanks. The cooperative network expands with producers from Akrotiri, Chania.




Olive oil standardisation – First bulk exports.


Modernisation of production departments – Expansion of mechanical equipment with the purchase of additional machinery in order to increase the quantity produced.




ISO 2000 Certification.


The Company expands its activities, promoting the brand name “Pallada”.

The company launches its own standardised formulation under the code string EL 40321.

The general management of the company is undertaken by Ioannis Papadomanolakis.




Following a thorough market research, the Company launches the innovative portion-size packages of extra virgin olive oil “Pallada extra virgin olive oil”, in packs of 18 ml.


Pursuing its export orientation, the Company makes its first exports of individually packaged “Pallada extra virgin olive oil” to Belgium. The cooperative network expands with producers from the entire Prefecture of Chania.

The Company participates in European exhibitions.

The Company expands its trade activities, launching a cooperation with Inflight Caterings.




The company launches a new series of portion-size products, “Pallada extra virgin olive oil with fresh lemons” and “Pallada extra virgin olive oil with 60% balsamic vinegar”, in packs of 12 ml.

The export network expands to North America, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. AGROCERT Certification


Standardisation of olive oil packed in elegant glass bottles.

Participating in World Travel Catering in Hamburg




Seeking to meet additional demands of the HORECA sector, the company began the production of standardised jam, launching as its first product orange jam in individual packages of 15, 20 and 30 g. The product stands out among similar competitive products with its higher quality, superb taste and innovative packaging.


The new greek legislation on the provision of olive oil in mass catering establishments gives a new boost to the sales of Pallada products on the Greek market. Read the new provisions of the law banning the use of refillable bottles in mass catering establishments

The company broadens its product range with new individual packages of extra virgin olive oil of 10, 12, 15, 20 and 24 ml, thus meeting more effectively the needs of its partners.

New collaborations with major industrial and aviation catering companies, catering chains, hotels, food wholesalers and cash and carry supermarkets.