“Don't look for a pill that can substitute the Cretan diet. There is no such thing.” Serge Renaud

The Enterprise

In 1980, the enterprise “Papadomanolakis” was founded in Chania, Crete, with the initial purpose of producing and trading extra virgin olive oil.

This is an ever-evolving family business, now operating as "Pallada Project L.P." which specializes in the production and packaging of olive oil and dressings.

Since 2012, the main concern of the people of the company has been the development of individual packagings of dressings based on their extra virgin olive oil production, a successful goal, with "Pallada" products in a portion now being recognized in the domestic and international market.

Thorough research, know-how and the passion for quality and innovation, allow the company to constantly expand its product range, with the ultimate goal of meeting the demanding daily nutritional needs of the modern consumer and the needs of the market that are constantly changing.

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